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performance-things *+

if you know somewhere i can perform

(music / song stuff, PublicTypelings stuff, other live-arts-ish stuff...)

i'd love it if you could

send me a message about it

[i also do soundtracks / scribbles / string-things] 

[[i also have the hiccups, i find it difficult to type when i have the hiccups]]

[[[i don't always have the hiccups, i just do in this moment]]]

some sparkly boots on a pinky purple glowing stage, where IndoorGoblin is playing the keyboard

picture by Liquid Library from a 2018 gig at The Victoria, Swindon


video by Somerset House on twitter from
Drag Syndrome's Street Party at

'This Bright Land' - Somerset House, London 2022


a purple face with black lipstick in front of some keyboard keys
shadowy shadows of scribbly string and star-shapes



IndoorGoblin faces an audience, playing keyboard in front of purple visuals projected onto a curtain, of some scribbly writing.
IndoorGoblin is wearing a sparkly top and hair bow, stands in front of a microphone and a keyboard that's decorated with googly eyes

pictures by Greg Hartley from a 2018 gig at Mindful Mess festival at Poplar Union, London


purple grey and pink string and silver-painted cardboard eyes, draped over a laptop which has a photo of spaghetti on it

             *+*+.   +.


we ARE *+*+*+*


a theatre stage with a colourful scribbly picture on a big screen. IndoorGoblin is on the stage playing the keyboard to an audience, and the image is taken from quite far away so they look very small!

picture by @WeAreLewisham twitter from Liberty festival 2022, opening for Drag Syndrome at
The Albany, London


screenshot from a video - a stage set-up of a dark shadowy room - there's a scribble-picture of a crying cloud projected on the backdrop, along with a email from a computer screen projected on top of it
screenshot from a video - a shadowy stage in a dark room with some rectangles projected on the wall overlapping each other - the rectangles are an email inbox projected from a laptop.
a dark shadowy stage - there is a scribbly colourful picture of some ghost-things in a boat-thing and a computer screen of an email projected onto the backdrop, and IndoorGoblin is on the stage amongst things like a keyboard, some string, a cardboard door and papery stuff scattered on the floor

screenshots from a recording of live art performance 'Beworlded' (2019) - live art module led by Daniel Oliver. show mentored by Lucy Hutson.


a load of blanket sheet things tied together, some string with glow in the dark stars on it, and a purple unicorn guarding the blanket-fort

pictures from BlanketFest with Liquid Library in 2019 at
Artsite, Swindon


  *+  when the noise becomes louder than the music,   
    i must make the music louder than the noise
  .+.  *+.                   *+.+. *+.


multi-coloured scribbly string trails on a sandy beach
some plastic alphabets scattered on a large plastic snakes and ladders board, with a note on it that says 'Abandoned Poetry'

string-things on a beach in 
Folkestone, 2019


screenshot from curating_collections instagram live video - IndoorGoblin is sat on the floor holding a black electric guitar and a microphone, in front of a loop pedal. the caption reads, Reverberations: the self and sound - Love Resonates - a Public Typelings Instromental - indoorgoblin - was live
IndoorGoblin holds a computer keyboard in one hand and presses a button on a loop pedal with another. they are sat on the floor in front of another computer keyboard, which has colourful paperclips scattered around it. there is also an electric guitar on the floor, a tamagotchi, and a couple of microphones.

Public Typelings Instromental 'Love Resonates'
for @curating_collections - performed at Chelsea Space in 2021


IndoorGoblin is sat on the floor in front of an electric guitar and a laptop, holding a computer keyboard close to their chest which they are typing on. in front of them is a big pile of mostly purple scribbly wool.

+* +.    *+*+*+*+ love resonated 

like a leaf holds a dream, 
         like a storm holds a seed... 

love resonated


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